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LED LENSER F1R rechargeable
Led Lenser F1R rechargeable
The rechargeable LED LENSER F1R – with the huge 1000 lumens light output and optimized light image – makes the overachiever more attractive.
€103.89 *
Led Lenser T7.2 flashlight for tactical use
LED LENSER T7.2 is tremendously powerful, handy, compact and robust - is particularly suited for special forces in the tactical area.
€39.92 *
LED LENSER H14R.2 Head lamp
LED Lenser H14R.2
Rechargeable head lamp H14R.2 of Zweibrüder conserves resources, is in the revised version with superior luminosity now even more convincing.
€106.75 * €126.16 *
LED LENSER H14.2 Headlamp
LED Lenser H14.2
The LED LENSER H14.2 is a headlamp with astonishing luminosity - they were currently equipped with even more comfort and ease of use.
€62.26 * €89.04 *
High Performance Line M14X
The LED LENSER ® M14X with Xtreme power LED, 650 lm, is the brightest lamp M Series with extreme light output and impressive light range of 280 m.
€100.10 *
LED LENSER H7R.2 Headlamp
LED LENSER H7R.2 Headlamp
The powerful battery concept and switchable rear light are just two highlights of the new edition of our successful Headlamp LED LENSER H7R.
€66.69 *
LED LENSER M17R High Power Lamp
LED Lenser M17R
Innovation – the M17R with Safety Ytrion Cell from LED-Lenser is the highly praised high-performance lamp with future-oriented technology, light output up to 850 lumens.
€244.97 *
Headlamp Series SEO3
Headlamp Series SEO3
The lamp head of SEO3-Headlamp can be swiveled, is compact and so lightweight.
€18.68 * €22.21 *
Headlamp Series SEO5
Headlamp Series SEO5
For power-hungry users SEO5-Headlamp with stepless dimming.
€40.77 *
Headlamp Series SEO7R
Headlamp Series SEO7R
The top model SEO7R-Headlamp is rechargeable and still offers a lot more intensity.
€51.35 *
Led Lenser F1 with wow effect
LED Lenser F1
LED LENSER F1 – the handy and powerful LED flashlight in waterproof design made of black anodised aluminum is a real eyecatcher.
€53.66 *
LED LENSER® P6.2 UPGRADE – simply perfect and super easy to use thanks to one-hand focus and extremely low operating costs with Mignon cells.
€29.10 * €33.34 *
LED LENSER M7R rechargeable
LED flashlights M7R can be easily and quickly made ready for use again using the advanced charging system Floating Charge System.
€102.96 * €111.31 *
LED Lenser® M5
LED LENSER Pocket model M5 – plenty of light for many hours with this small pocket light and user-friendly operation by Smart Light Technology.
€29.89 * €40.77 *
High Performance Line L5
LED Lenser L5
The L5 from LED LENSER® is small, light and therefore the perfect companion for short excursions – housing made of high-quality plastic, with AA battery.
€17.11 * €22.21 *
This lamp is splash-proof and equipped with Cree power-LED.
€37.78 * €59.33 *
LED LENSER® X21R.2 rechargeable
LED Lenser X21R.2
The X21R.2 by Led Lenser is the latest upgrade, with sensational light output of 3200 lm, weighs just 1300 g and lights legendary 700 m.
€348.93 *
LED Lenser X21.2
The Led Lenser X21.2 is identical to the X21R.2 and has a beam length of approximately 600 meters at 1600 lumens and is equipped with X LENS Technology.
€215.27 *
LED LENSER® High Performance Line X14
Two synchronized light sources features the LED LENSER X14 – three light programs and eight light functions allows individual configuration.
€82.11 * €106.74 *
LED Lenser H5
LED Lenser H5
With the LED headlamp we bundle the super bright light with special optics, the lamp head can be swiveled by 90 degrees, high wearing comfort due to light weight.
€34.90 *
LED LENSER T7M is a tactical light tool
LED Lenser T7M
The LED LENSER T7M is designed for tactical use and equipped with the Low Battery Message System – the lamp is a reliable companion.
€74.18 *
This lightweight head lamp is full of the best technology.
€39.92 *
LED LENSER High Performance Line X14
Two synchronized light sources features the LED LENSER X14 – three light programs and eight light functions allows individual configuration.
€82.11 *