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Laguiole, Leather-Belt-Holster, similar to figure
Leather-Holster Maya
Belt-Holster »Maya« made of black leather for Laguiole Pocket Knives is a stylish case for folding knife – closure flap secured by a push-button.
€32.20 *
Laguiole, Leather-Belt-Holster Aubrac, similar to figure
Leather-Holster Aubrac
Laguiole Knife Holster for Belt made of very fine, smooth leather and brown in color a very appealing case for an Aubrac Laguiole pocket knife.
€42.40 *
Laguiole, Belt Holster Aubrac-Leather, with grindstone, similar to figure
Leather Holster with grindstone
Laguiole Pocket Knife Belt-Holster made of smooth Aubrac leather – with Grindstone – is an elegant holster to keep safe your Laguiole knife.
€45.80 *
Laguiole, Pouch Nubuck, Image similar
Nubuck Pouch
Supple leather pouch for pocket knives of Laguiole en Aubrac – special soft material in orange-brown gives your Laguiole knife a worthy protection.
€9.80 *