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Laguiole France, handle with marquetry vine made ​​of wood, similar to Figure
Sommelier Cutlery Grapevine Marquetry,...
Original Laguiole en Aubrac Sommelier with Grapevine Marquetry made of wood in two different color schemes to choose from – you opt for your favorites.
€147.60 *
Laguiole France, Handle with Grapevine Marquetry, similar to figure
Sommelier-Cutlery Grapevine Marquetry,...
Original Laguiole en Aubrac Sommelier with Wood-Marquetry and bolsters made of brushed stainless steel – a handmadeopener, you won’t to miss anymore.
€147.60 *
Laguiole en Aubrac, Handle in Amourette Wood, similar to figure
Sommelier-Cutlery Handle in Amourette,...
The famous sommeliers must-have Original Sommelier-Knife by Laguiole en Aubrac – so you can never fail when opening the wine bottle, try it yourself.
€130.20 *
Laguiole France, Handle of vine-wood, similar to figure
Sommelier Cutlery in Vine-wood, satin stainless...
Corkscrew knife with a lifetime warranty – Original Laguiole en Aubrac made by hand and with selected materials, no cork will remain long in the bottle.
€138.80 *
Laguiole, Leather-Belt-Holster, similar to figure
Leather-Holster Maya
Belt-Holster »Maya« made of black leather for Laguiole Pocket Knives is a stylish case for folding knife – closure flap secured by a push-button.
€32.20 *
Laguiole, Leather-Belt-Holster Aubrac, similar to figure
Leather-Holster Aubrac
Laguiole Knife Holster for Belt made of very fine, smooth leather and brown in color a very appealing case for an Aubrac Laguiole pocket knife.
€42.40 *
Laguiole, Belt Holster Aubrac-Leather, with grindstone, similar to figure
Leather Holster with grindstone
Laguiole Pocket Knife Belt-Holster made of smooth Aubrac leather – with Grindstone – is an elegant holster to keep safe your Laguiole knife.
€45.80 *
Laguiole, Pouch Nubuck, Image similar
Nubuck Pouch
Supple leather pouch for pocket knives of Laguiole en Aubrac – special soft material in orange-brown gives your Laguiole knife a worthy protection.
€9.80 *
Similar to figure, Handle in Juniper, Plate guilloche
Pocket Knife, 12 cm, Plate guilloche, INOX...
Pocket knife with a single plate, guilloche, by Laguiole en Aubrac – for uniqueness of knife only selected wood is used with each individual shade.
From €152.80 *
Image similar, Handle in Juniper
Pocket Knife 12 cm, Handle Wood, Satin...
Classical Pocket knives made by Laguiole en Aubrac – buy here online the original knife produced traditional from a cutler in the region in handcraft.
From €110.40 *
Similar to figure, Laguiole Knife with Amourette Handle, Plate guilloche
Folding Knife, Handle in Amourette, Plate...
Pocket Knife by Laguiole – plate guilloche, Amourette-Handle, forged spring applied by hand, famous »Laguiole fly« are guarantee of the originality.
€152.80 *
Similar to figure, Laguiole Knife with Amourette Handle
Folding Knife, Handle in Amourette, Stainless...
Amourette-Handle and forged Spring – Folding Knife by Laguiole en Aubrac with the typical decoration and famous »Laguiole fly« become your best friend.
From €110.40 *
Laguiole Knife with Buffalo Crust Handle and guilloche Spring, similar to figure
Folding Knife, Double-Plates hand-carved,...
Traditional Laguiole Folding Knife – handle with hammered bolsters and buffalo crust, double plates, guilloche – made in region Laguiole en Aubrac.
€295.60 *
Laguiole Pocket Knife, Handle Tip of Horn, Similar Image
Pocket Knife, 12 cm, stainless steel polished
The famous Laguiole knives with handle made of Horn or Bone originally and handmade only in the region Laguiole en Aubrac France – buy on
From €114.40 *
Similar to figure, Laguiole Knife with Buffalo Tip of Horn Handle
Folding Knife, Plate guilloche, Handle in Horn,...
Horn Handle and hand-carved Plates – classic Pocket Knife made by Laguiole en Aubrac fits comfortably in your hand and sent to you well protected.
From €156.80 *
Similar to figure, Laguiole Knife with Buffalo Tip of Horn Handle
Folding Knife, Double-Plates, Handle in Horn,...
This Laguiole pocket knife with handle made of horn and a double plate is hand made and unique – from the traditional region en Aubrac in France.
€183.40 *
Similar to figure, Laguiole Knife with Olive Wood Handle, Double-Plates
Folding Knife, Double-Plates, Handle in Wood,...
Laguiole pocket knives with Wood-Handle and double Plates – traditional hand made Folding Knives from France region Laguiole en Aubrac – order online.
From €183.40 *