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Linder Seglermesser für den Wassersport
Sailer Knife, 9 cm closed
Linder sailer knife – the inexpensive folding knife for the yachtsman in 420 stainless-steel design including marlin spike, shackle opener and can opener.
€10.67 *
Linder Seglermesser
Sailer Knife 2, closed 3½" (9 cm)
Linder knives for sailer – an inexpensive pocket knife equipped for sailing in 420 stainless steel, including marlin spike, shackle opener, 3½" (9 cm) closed.
€9.70 *
Linder SCUBA Diving Knife, Blade 11 cm
SCUBA Diving Knife, Kraton Handle
Linder diving knife with elastomer handle and stainless blade – serrated blade back and hook, signal-colored plastic sheath, including leg and arm straps.
€19.45 *
Linder Fischmesser, schwimmend, Klinge 11 cm
Floating Fish Knife, Blade 11 cm
Linder fish knife FLOATING FISH KNIFE in a floating design with luminous cap in the handle end and stainless special steel blade 11 cm including scaler.
€31.19 *
Linder Bootsmesser HEAVY DUTY, Klinge 10 cm
Linder HEAVY DUTY Boat Knife, Blade 10 cm
Linder HEAVY DUTY Boat knife with 10 cm blade 440A in steel and a sturdy handle made of cocobolo wood, nickel silver guard and marlin spike in a leather case.
€109.18 *
Linder Fishing Knife, Pakka wood handle, closed 12 cm
Fishing knife, 12 cm closed
Linder fishing knife as pocket knife with handle length 12 cm has a fish scaler, hook remover and cap lifter – handle made of light Pakka wood and steel bolsters.
€16.08 *
Linder fishing knife, rosewood handle and brass bolsters, closed 12 cm
Fishing Knife Classic, 4¾" closed
Linder Classic - fishing knife 12 cm handle length with rosewood handles and brass bolsters, has the following details: Fish scaler, hook remover, and bottle opener.
€12.62 *
Linder Fish Knife, Blade 10 cm
Fish Knife, Blade 10 cm
Linder fish knife with non-slip handle made ​​of elastomer and stainless steel Kinge 10 cm is supplied with a plastic sheath with clip.
€7.31 *
LINDER Hunting knife with Micarta handle scales, blade 9 cm, similar illustration
The hunting knife by Linder with a blade made of N695-Boehler steel is special and attracts with its elegant handles made of micarta and leather case.
€154.99 *
LINDER hunting knife with genuine stag handles, blade 9 cm, similar illustration
STAG 5 Knife Stag horn, Blade 9 cm
Linder Knife Stag 5 - a real hunting knife, blade in N695-Boehler premium steel and genuine stag handle, supplied in a high quality leather sheath.
€154.99 *
LINDER Forester Knife with handle of stag horn, blade 4", holster for selection
FORESTER Knife, Blade 10 cm
Linder Hunting knife Forester with original stag horn handle and fixed blade made ​​of stainless steel 440A – available with three different holsters.
From €121.85 *
LINDER skinner knife with handle made ​​from real deer horn, blade 6 cm
SKINNER 1, Stag handle, blade 6 cm
The LINDER hunting knife with genuine stag handle and 6 cm 440A stainless steel blade is just the right length for a skinner knife, delivered in leather shell.
€77.89 *
LINDER SKINNER 2 – skinner knife with original stag horn handle, blade 6 cm
SKINNER 2, Stag handle, 6 cm
The SKINNER 2 of LINDER with genuine stag handle, a curved 6 cm 440A stainless steel blade is specially designed for skinning at hunting.
€85.29 *
LINDER forest Nicker, grip scales genuine stag horn, blade 12 cm
FORSTNICKER Knife, Blade 4¾"
Linder Hunting knife with original stag horn handle and 440A stainless or carbon steel - these are the features of this forest knife with leahter sheath.
From €92.61 *
Linder, hunting knife ATS34 Hunter1, beech wood handle
ATS34 HUNTER 1, Knife, blade 9 cm
Linder knives for hunting HUNTER 1 with ergonomic wooden handle and blade of ATS34 steel with 60° Rockwell hardness we deliver in a leather sheath.
€160.84 *
Linder, ATS34 HUNTER2, hunting knife with handle made of beech wood
ATS34 HUNTER 2, Knife, 10 cm blade
Linder Hunting Knife HUNTER 2 – a sturdy knife with a 5-mm-ATS34 steel blade and beech wood handle scales, nickel silver guard and fine leather case included.
€199.83 *
Linder hand forged hunting knives, Damask steel blade with handles made of Amboyna wood
BALBACH DAMASTNICKER, Hunting Knife, blade 9 cm
Linder Hunting knife in exclusive design with hand-forged Damask steel blade and beautiful Amboyna handle, ergonomically shaped, buy here the original.
€418.18 *
Linder HANDLELIGHT ATS-34, hunting knife with glow stick in ebony handle
LINDER HANDLELIGHT ATS, Hunting knife, blade 9 cm
Linder hunting knife HANDLE LIGHT a luminous point in the shaft gives considerable leeway, even in the dark in outdoor areas without electricity or batteries.
€190.08 *
LINDER BLUE LINE knife with handle of »Jeans Micarta«, blade 15 cm
LINDER BLUE LINE, Jeans Champ SE, 15 cm
Linder knives to have in three variants, fixed blade with upbeat handle »Jeans Micarta« as a »Special Edition« and pommel and guard in stainless steel.
€116.00 *
LINDER BLUE LINE knife with handle of »Jeans Micarta«, blade 9 cm
LINDER BLUE LINE, Jeans Custom SE, 9 cm
Linder Hunting Knives with handle of »Jeans Micarta« and fixed blade of the special edition »Linder Blue Line«, you are shopping online here exclusive.
€145.24 *
LINDER classic Deerslayer knife with handle of stag horn, blade 15 cm
LINDER Deerslayer, blade 15 cm
Linder knife with the typical narrow blade when Deerslayer and stag handle with chic nickel silver bolsters, buy stainless steel blade free shipping here.
€135.50 *
LINDER hunting knife with handle of stag horn, blade 15 cm
LINDER CHAMP 2, Knife, Blade 6"
The Linder knife for the hunter with a narrow 440A blade has a traditional stag horn handle and comes in a leather receptacle shell – just buy here.
€125.75 *
 LINDER knife with Cocobolo wood handle, blade 9 cm, leather case
Hunting knife by Linder – Ccocobolo wood is the material for the ergonomic grips, a fixed-Boehler N695 steel blade including robust leather sheath.
€135.50 *
LINDER hunting knife with handle made Grendadill hardwood, blade 8 cm
GRENADILL HUNTER, Knife, 8 cm Blade
A Linder HUNTER knife with a short blade 8 cm, handles with ergonomic shape from grenadilla hardwood and bolsters of duralumin – order with free shipping.
€112.10 *
Linder HUNTER, hunting knife with 3-layer steel blade, 11 cm, and handles made of Pakka wood
HUNTER, Knife, 3-layer steel, blade 11 cm
Linder Hunting knife with 3-layer steel blade for flexibility and cutting sustainability offers beautiful design with natural pakka wood handles.
€99.92 *
LINDER hunting knife with handle of stag horn blade 4"
LINDER HUNTER, Knife 440C, Blade 4"
The Linder Hunting knife with stag handle is heavier than the other models, has a blade made of 440C steel, It is supplied with a leather receptacle shell.
€174.49 *
Linder Utility Folder, Tactical Knife
Utility Folder, Tactical knife, 15 cm
Solid knife with steel handle and coated, stainless steel blade 15 cm, with pinball for swinging - a tactical knife in an appealing design.
€22.37 *
TEKUT PECKER Spectral, colorful and cheerful
TEKUT PECKER, pocket knife, 10 cm
Steel blade coated with titanium nitrite in outstanding design and exceptional colors is supplied, the jackknife, including case in the tin box.
From €21.40 *
MINI PECKER Spectral, colorful and cheerful
MINI PECKER Pocket Knife, 7 cm
Light, cheerful Linder pocket knife coated with titanium nitrite in exceptional colors and very slim design for carefree carrying.
From €12.18 *
TEKUT CAPER Blue pocket Knife inclusive case
TEKUT CAPER, pocket knife, 11 cm
Linder Folding Knife TEKUT CAPER titanium nitride coated steel with eyelet and drop-point blade is precision-crafted and comes in 3 colors in the leather pouch.
From €25.83 *
TEKUT TUSK, Pocket Knive Spectral
TEKUT TUSK Clasp Knife, 9 cm
TEKUT TUSK, Linder compact Pocket Knive, 3½" closed, with C-Lock locking stainless steel and coated with titanium nitrite is precisely manufactured and supplied without case.
From €16.08 *
TEKUT LIZARD knife with camouflage coating, blade 8 cm
TEKUT LIZARD, pocket knife, 8 cm
Small Linder TEKUT pocket knife with steel handle and clip is exceptionally coated in camouflage look – stainless steel design with haft length of 8 cm.
€14.52 *
TEKUT STEALTH JET knife with camouflage coating, 9 cm
Small TeKut pocket knife with steel handle and clip from Linder, fancy camouflage coating in stainless steel design and length of the blade 9 cm.
€16.08 *
Leather case for pocket knife by Linder
Leather case, brown, haft length 11 cm
Linder soft leather case provides protection for pocket knives up to a size of 11 cm closed and makes transport and storage.
€19.40 *
Leather cases for pocket knife, haft length 12 cm
Leather bag, to haft length 12 cm
Pocket knife pocket of Linder made ​​of supple leather as a visual highlight, facilitates the carrying of pocket knives up to a haft length of 12 cm.
€17.50 *
Case for pocket knife, haft length 11 cm, brown leather
Leather bag brown, to 11 cm haft length
Linder holster with closing flap made ​​of beautiful leather for the transport and storage of pocket knives up to a size of 11 cm when closed.
€20.96 *
Linder Leather Case for folding Knives up to 14 cm in length
Knife Pocket leather to 14 cm haft length
Linder Knives bag made of soft leather with snap closure for secure transport and for self-protection against cuts – for pocket knives up to 14 cm haft length.
€18.03 *
Leather pouch with embossment, for pocket knives, max 11 cm in length
Holster leather, embossed, max 11 cm haft length
Embossed Leather Case by Linder for the transport, storage and protection against damage from pocket knives of any kind up to 11 cm staple length.
€20.96 *